Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Too Hot For Chickens

I spent the day inside in air conditioned luxury making a fluorite necklace. Love the colors and striations in this semiprecious stone that Illinois claims as state mineral...

But imagine if you had to spend this day outdoors wearing three sweaters--that's what it's like for the poor chickens. I ran bags of ice out to their favorite shady spot and treated to frozen watermelon! Liza Jane has decided that she prefers the bird bath for my wild friends. She's thinking, "Take a dip?"

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Amy Eades said...

Beautiful necklace, Cody. I love fluorite -- the color is hard to describe, but lovely. The great thing about your jewelry is that when you're wearing it, you know you're won't run into someone else wearing the same thing: Every piece is unique. Go girl!