Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Obdurate People

An extremely hard-headed person could figure out how to use their weak and shriveled left hand to place beads upon memory wire, and produce a few wrap bracelets for a gallery. By shoving one's needle-nosed pliers down onto one's cast--oh heck with "one", it's me--I can even make a wrapped loop. Not many because it hurts heejus.

These are for Second Act Gallery, Sullivan Illinois.


Anonymous said...

Looking for magical jewelry? You've come to the right place. Not only professionaly made,but exquesite in so many ways. A piece of junk and some beautiful beads and what-nots and Cody can create her magic with something you will enjoy for a lifetime and your friends will be forever jealous. I have bought several pieces from her and cannot decide which is my favorite. With soooo many compliments everytime I wear one of them. Great person with gifted abilities. Hugs Cody. Phyllis Templeton

Cody said...

Thanks Phyllis! I'm so glad you love your pieces.