Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Some Clients: Tania Elizabeth

I'm happy to say that my jewelry hobby has evolved into a full-time career. When I began putting work up on Etsy I expected to sell the occasional necklace or bracelet, and that does happen. But the majority of my business is wedding rings - something I never would have planned. I get a little thrill each time I make a ring, and love that, but had I thought about the significance of this type of jewelry before I began my journey I probably would have been terrified. Think about it. These clients are in love. They have chosen a piece of jewelry that represents their commitment to each other, and they are going to wear this ring every day...hopefully for the rest of their lives. Geez. That's pressure! It's both humbling and satisfying to be a part of my client's lives. 

I would like to start featuring some of these interesting people, who share their stories with me regularly. There are artists, storytellers, naturalists, and a number of musicians. 

Tania Elizabeth is an especially fun story for me, because my kindergarten students had been listening to her music before she ordered one of my tree bark wedding bands. Some time ago I made a timeline of music history for my students. In the contemporary part of the timeline we feature a band called The Duhks. Children can look at photos of the musicians, and listen to their music as well. My children love dancing to a Duhks cover of Mountains 'O Things by Tracy Chapman. Just imagine the children's excitement when they learned that I was making a ring for Tania Elizabeth of The Duhks! So much fun...

Tania E. wearing her fine silver tree bark band...

Winning a Grammy Award--YAY!!!

 Sometimes Tania plays with her old friends The Avett Brothers, and here they are playing live on Letterman.

 The Avetts with Tania Elizabeth

Tania married Andy Stack, another amazing musician. He is also a very sweet fellow to work with--I loved our conversations when he was ordering the rings. He's a guy...

Check out The Stacks website, listen to great tunes, and see Tours.

As a music lover and musician myself I recommend Tania and Andy and The Duhks enthusiastically. Give them a listen. Buy their music. It's good. Promise. 

I've produced over 500 rings over the last year and am growing more confident. I love this work of taking a lump of silver and forming it into such a meaningful expression of love. And I get to do it while rocking out to great music in my studio. Nice work if you can get it, huh?