Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Friends in High Places

I've been wanting to talk a bit about my friend, Cohen, who is the owner of the Etsy store "Pacokeco." I say my friend, because she just feels like a friend, although we have never met in person. I've told her several times, however, that I want to be her neighbor, and she tells me about lots that are for sale where she lives. In Canada. Well, let me start off by saying, "I feel really ridiculous, Cohen, for saying I wanted to give you a little plug on my blog!!!" I feel silly, because as I was asking you for some info to put up, you did not brag, or say a word about the fact that you are only THE TOP ETSY SELLER in Canada! "Gee, Cohen let me give you some help here with my little blog and the multitudes that follow me." (File under category: Was My Face Red...)


But I'm going to tell you about her anyway, because she is truly a remarkable person. When I first discovered her shop in my quest for the perfect jewelry tags for my work, she treated me like I was her only customer in the world. Kind, articulate, and wickedly witty, she put up with all of my questions, and tolerated my mercurial nature with absolute grace and courtesy. I do not know how many different ideas I hit her with, and how many completely different tags she cut and tied for me. I just know that she was gracious and funny and a joy to work with each time. 

THIS IS "PACOKECO'S" SHOP ANNOUNCEMENT   (See why I like this woman?)

Why do I keep buying big, floppy hats? I never wear them. I try them on at the store and think, "This would look fabulous with a gauzy white top and white linen pants", forgetting I do not have a white gauzy top or white linen pants. I should give them all to Molly Ringwald.

In answer to many, many convos - YES! You may use my paper bits in your own creations for resale, with my blessings and good tidings. May you sell out and return for more. Kumbaya.

I always ship to the Etsy address so if you'd like me to ship to your summer home in Florence or penthouse on Fifth Avenue, please let me know.

Don't see what you need? Convo me! I'm not Employee of the Month for nothing!

These type of people continue to teach me an important lesson, that I could not have learned from my mother. Although my mother taught me compassion, generosity, and a few other valuable traits, she had a terrible habit of being grouchy with her customers. She worked from home, and when it was her down time, she wanted to be left alone. The phone would ring and she'd haul herself away from Perry Mason, leaving a trail of expletives that would curl someone's hair. (Little joke-she was a hairdresser.) This was before the days of voice mail, so her ladies would get the terse, "Why are you calling me on my day
off?" voice. I used to wonder why they called her for appointments at all! Now, though, I understand that she just felt overwhelmed, the way many of us feel now, by having so many demands placed upon us. I've struggled against this tendency toward letting people know when they're bugging me throughout my life. I need plenty of personal space, time alone, and when I am concentrating and get interrupted, I can transform into the Medusa. I have endless patience with children, but adults tend to wear me out. So, truly it has been enormously helpful to me to have people in my life that model that unwavering civility and good cheer! Cohen is one of these people, and I now realize that her success is not simply based upon her creative abilities, which are considerable. She really does follow the Golden Rule, and I'm not talking about that artifice that so many people have fallen into these days. She's not sickeningly perky in a "Have a Great Day!!!!! :)" way. She's just genuine, funny, professional and kind. And she does great work. A true recipe for success.

I am, however, a little worried about the flawless organization represented by the photo of her studio. I'll just hope that she did a clean sweep for the photo shoot...

Cohen's works may be used in a variety of creative ways.  She produces gift tags, business cards, blank cards, wedding paraphenalia, and customizable paper goods, to name a few. Artists and scrapbookers also use her products for their work. If you have an idea, just tell her and I'll bet she'll find a way to make it work for you. She makes all of my jewelry tags, business cards, and earring cards--and I'll be a loyal customer because she's such a pleasure to work with, and I love the products. 

p.s. Cohen, if you read this, I have a bit of a secret too. You mentioned in your other very fancy blog interview that "...if you ever get on Oprah, you'll remember the little people." Next time we talk, ask me about the time I was on Oprah. :)