Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bad Blogger

I won't make excuses about the inconsistency of my postings. If I were going to do that I would whine about having to much to do, and the need to cut back on commitments and tasks, and waa, waa, waa. Truth is, I love to be busy. Some of the busy has been way past annoying though - troubling and sad to tell the truth. Nutshell: Although the Metamorphosis Montessori School, the school I administrate, has utilized an ag curriculum for 31 years...primarily chickens, goats, etc., new neighbors decided to complain, and I've been embroiled in battle with our local city council. Simply Google the benefits of ag curriculae for all children, and you will see that this is extremely helpful work for children. Although we gathered 400 petition signatures and presented letters from literally around the globe, from experts and enthusiasts, our backward thinking city council voted our sheep O-U-T. Sunny and Thistle are at a farm, and they are not pleased. Since the existing ordinance that they used to ban the sheep states that we may have chickens, horses, donkeys and "dangerous animals" --don't get me started--we purchased a miniature horse for our children to work with. Guess what? They are now writing a new ordinance to eliminate these animals. So--I've been occupied. Grrrrrrr.

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Good news--lots of jewelry making going on here, rings are now my forte, and I just received the biggest order I've ever had for Montessori jewelry. This is good!! Take a look at my FB jewelry page which is open to the public to see some rings.  Here's some stuff!! Peace friends!