Sunday, January 15, 2012

Church Week Two

OPENING HYMN Sorry but I've got a sore throat this week and cannot sing along. But as I write this I can see that the message on this sign would make a great lyric for a country song. O.K. friends, get on that, write me a country song with this message and I will call you special, and my love for you will be unceasing.

This sign, I see, was manufactured by Marquee That makes me smile. It has such a ring to it. I can just see the founders sitting around brainstorming, or playing golf, or indulging at the massage parlor, "Hmmm, need a name, gotta have a name, ('OUCH!')" "NAMES, names, that hurt like hell...Marquis de Sade...Marquis! Marquee! That is miles above 'Church Signs R Us. "

Why do we spell refrigerator one way and add 'dge' when we abbreviate it? I don't get that. I write 'frig,' knowing full well that this is also a slang term for something else. But until someone sends me a reliable grammar rule that supports this 'dge' thing, I shall remain refrigerator abbreviation pure.

Here are some things that are on my frig.

And coming up: Things that are in my frig.

Attend Sunday School. Watch the video.

(Starring Big Bird)

Be the first to NAME it in the comments section, explain why it is not like the others, 
W I N this Sunday's church raffle!
May I have a YAY?!

(Of course we will expect you to donate these goodies
 back to the church so that we can raffle them off again!)

Ha! Just kidding. Fooled you. I'm a silly.
Wear 'em, give 'em to a friend, or donate 'em to "Tots in Tiaras."

COMMUNION The Welch's Grape Juice was on sale at the Piggly Wiggly and they ran out before we got there, so just grab a bottle of Ripple on the way home.