Sunday, February 12, 2012

Health Food

I bet I did something yesterday that you've never done before. I awoke to greet a new day, dragged myself out from between two spoiled dogs snoring in my bed and stood, just catching sight of a pretty red thing as it flew. Out of my belly button. It was a low moment in my sick Ambien sleepwalking history, because the pretty red thing was not a bellybutton was a Terra beet chip. And then I saw the empty bag on the floor. I had eaten the entire thing. A 5 ounce bag of Mediterranean Terra Chips, delicious vegetable chips lightly seasoned with lemon, olive oil, sea salt and a hint of oregano. And the truth is, there is another identical empty bag under my bed from a week ago when I did the same thing. It now has some dust bunnies about it, and I've been ignoring it, trying to pretend it never happened. But this bag was right out in the middle of the floor, where anyone could see my dirty little secret. I've said it before, but I must get off the Ambien. But just try it. What is worse than sitting up all night, night after night after night? While I'm confessing, and my excuse is that I've been stressed out, and always sleepwalk more when stressed, some vegan chocolate mousse was involved in last night's foray to the kitchen. (Don't knock it till you've tried it.) I've been trying no lactose, no sugar, and no gluten - and I feel better. Sweets, especially chocolate, are a necessity, so I run to Strawberry Fields in Urbana to buy several containers of Dylan's chocolate puddin'. Or I make my own. If you do not find health food completely abhorrent, you should try it. Here's how...


Melt a 16 ounce bag of good chocolate chips over double boiler. (Use vegan or real, whatever...)
Add two boxes of Silken Tofu. It will look awful, like curdled chocolate baby puke.
Use a hand mixer on it, or throw the mess into a processor, and it smooths right out.
Sweeten with Stevia or better...maple syrup. (If you like extra dark chocolate add a couple teaspoons of cocoa as well, and if you want to get really fancy add 1/2 teaspoon of instant coffee granules.) Add a bit of vanilla, pinch of salt and refrigerate. The colder the better. It sets up just like ganache. Great texture and flavor. Really. And it's healthy, right? Lots of protein. Just like my bag of Terra Chips was healthy. It says so right on the bag under my bed and the one beside my bed. 5 whole servings of vegetables in every ounce. See??? That's 25 whole servings of vegetables I had all in a sitting. Now I can skip the veggies and eat vegan chocolate mousse all week!

I went to one of my favorite bead stores with my friend Pat today. La Bead Oh in Springfield, Illinois has a gorgeous selection of all things jewelry, and they offer great classes as well. I highly recommend a trip to La Bead Oh.

I've been making leather wrap bracelets. Can't stop.

2 Days left for Valentine's. How about these?