Sunday, January 29, 2012

You Gotta Have Heart

I like big hearts, and I cannot lie. Artists are big-hearted people. They fly around falling in love with things - art, stuff, animals, people. Perhaps the next day they have moved on, but while they are in a moment, they love passionately. I was honored to join a crowd of art folks last evening, at an auction hosted by Sleepy Creek Vineyards. And at this event, people showed plenty of heart for our fellow artist and friend, Robert Chapman. 

Last year, Bob was forced to drop his health insurance because of rising costs. Now he needs cataract surgery, and as we all know, the price is staggering. But great people joined together, volunteered their time and donated beautiful and quirky art to Bob's cause, and I think, because of this one big heart beating as one, we made a good dent in his medical bill. 

O.K. Now I need to rant a bit. I'll make it short. For all you folks out there who are so dead against providing our citizenry with affordable health care: GET A HEART! I used to have quality healthcare that was provided through my husband's work, so I know that some of you don't get it, because you are fine. I didn't get it when I was fine. But now many, many people are not fine.  TRY to empathize with others. People need help, and I am not talking about the so-called "deadbeats" that conservatives whine about all the time. Hard-working folks like Bob, like my husband Jim who lost his job, like me, like my daughters who don't get physicals because they have no insurance, like so many others in need and on and on and on. My point, friends, is: We should not have to have an auction to provide people with medical care. I believe that it is an ethical and moral disgrace that this country cannot stop arguing about this crucial issue and DO SOMETHING TO HELP. There. I'm done. But I mean it you guys.

Robert illustrated this beautiful children's book. Buy it, it's great.

I am grateful that there are big-hearted artists and people like the owners of Sleepy Creek Vineyards.

MORE HEARTS...Some of my polymer and bronze work