Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Favorite Etsy Shop: Block Party Press

So many of the great Etsy shops have one thing in common. They stick to a theme, or style so that one can almost always tell that an item came from that shop. This is a form of branding that some of us do better than others. I have not mastered it yet. But I admire those who have--and I love this particular shop. Take a look around and I guarantee you will see something you love for yourself, or for a gift for someone. The pieces are graphic, delightful, and affordable.

As I was reminded of this shop today and took a look, I thought to myself that I could find something on every page that I would enjoy wearing. And I am a picky gal. So visit these folks soon, and I think you will agree with me--they are really good at what they do!

Block Party Press