Monday, October 3, 2011

Hooey Batiks

The next couple of posts are going to be about friendship. I was going to write about my friend Heather this week, but now that I have had a couple of glasses of Sleepy Creek Vineyards "Hen Pecked," I've realized that I'm not up to the job. So--Jill Miller at Hooey amazing talent. I used to pooh-pooh Facebook and still think it's a bad thing for young people. That being said, I have met some of my favorite friends on FB, and Jill is one. We usually talk chickens, and something she doesn't know is I've named a Dominique "Hooey" in her honor.
 (I bought an aqua tank with chicks and it is wonderful.)

I finally met Jill in person at the Art Festival that was held at Sleepy Creek Vineyards a couple of weeks ago. By the way, I highly recommend this little vineyard, an artful atmosphere, live music and really good wine. I was very pleasantly surprised by the flight that I tasted!!

Before I met Jill, I saw her great monkey shirt when my friend Heather wore it. Then I bought a few of her things at The Wooden Hanger in Urbana, Illinois--fantastic clothing...and nice wrap bracelets when a certain artist gets around to making and taking them to Ginny Gluege, the creative and artistic owner.


So what I'm getting around to in my red wine haze is: Jill is a creative force and a neat person! Check out her work and buy some stuff for gifts, and for all that holiday stuff. Buy Handmade!

Hooey Batiks