Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Keep the Sheep

I've been on hiatus. Not really, that's a fib. I have been making tons of jewelry, mainly wedding rings. This is good. But in spring, our school acquired lambs for the children to work with in our barn yard. In short, all hell broke loose. I am in a battle, a campaign to KEEP THE SHEEP. 

You can help. Send us words of encouragement, advice, whatever, on our FB page linked above. Check it out. You will like it. I promise. I almost forgot. We were even on TV. Do you know that they won't retouch your double chin for TV? In this day and age, I thought they could give me a little lift.

HERE is a lovely blogger who was kind enough to feature some of my Montessori jewelry. Very nice blog. Go visit!

Some of the rings I've been making. Pure silver for wedding, friendship, nature lover, 5th anniversary (wood), or just because they are pretty.

And finally, pant, pant, great friend and jewelry model, Heather, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Little Majela will soon model right along with her mama!