Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lovin' That Spin I'm In

I just let out a huge sigh when I sat down to type this. I have been spinning like a top, with many orders, which is fantastic!

These samples of some of my Montessori jewelry are going to the American Montessori Society conference in San Francisco. I am being featured by the organization Mad About Montessori, and they are going to take orders! Ooh, I can't wait...the suspense...will I get orders? I don't know, but what a great opportunity, and I am grateful to Montessori Madmen for featuring me on their site, and to Mad About Montessori for liking my work. Hey folks, Montessori is making some noise. I think we got ourselves a movement.

I also produced two of these custom tree knot rings in fine silver--orders came in a day apart.

These two pics show one of them - the other is in the kiln. I oxidized this one and left some patina. These are great statement rings, engagement or wedding rings, or 5th anniversary rings. Also great for any nature lover who also likes the bling!

And, I have three more orders to complete this week!

So, I'm pleased to be spinning and making and turning out work, and now I shall twirl off to bed! Peace.