Saturday, August 24, 2013

Two Out of Three

She actually did it. Well, two out of three anyway. When I gave birth to my youngest daughter--a long time ago--I was thrilled to see she was a girl. That was what I had ordered, as at the time I was dealing with a recalcitrant teenager, Christina, and a dynamo of a 5 year-old boy, Nicholas. All through my pregnancy I told my husband that I was ordering a little girl who would sit quietly on the floor. And do puzzles. Quietly. So when I gave birth and saw her I burst into tears of joy. Then they handed the swaddled and very short wee miss to her father--and I swear on my life this is true--she looked right into his eyes with a clarity that no infant should have, and burst into a conspiratorial grin. The physician and nurses saw this and exclaimed that they had never seen an neonate do that. And then I knew I was toast. I told my husband right then and there that she would probably get tattoos, run away with a biker, and get married in Vegas.

Can't you just see that look of insurrection in those eyes?

In the years that followed she made it quite clear to me that one - she was not quiet, (hence the pacifiers in every window sill--and I disapprove of pacifiers--and the alarmed whispers coming from each family member, "Shhhh--DON'T wake it." Catelyn Tess proved herself to be loud and shrill.  And two - she was not about to sit on the floor and do puzzles. By the time she was four the dextrous imp had set the entire house on fire attempting to light a candle with a match...on my pillow. Not dissuaded by this near death experience she stuck an ornament hanger into the tiny space under a light switch and shot herself a good eight feet backwards across our family room, followed by an electrical ball of blue flame. Once while enjoying the silence that I later recognized as impending catastrophe, she completely frosted our big retriever with peanut butter. There are dozens of examples, but I will stop with the spectacular Evil Knievel attempt which propelled her through a bedroom wall on a skateboard launched by her brother.

Long story short, we made it through her childhood and lived to tell the tales of her teen years. And, as I predicted, she has always been in cahoots with her father. Her father who likes tattoos.

Truthfully, it has been a joyful summer for our family, from the minute we received the red and gold foiled wedding invitation. Just take a guess. We all hopped onto a plane, and although I could make a list of all the things I despise about Las Vegas, I won't, because it was her special occasion.

Do you see her arms? Huh? Shoulders? Back? Uh huh. A mother has instincts. Mine were dead on.

2 out of 3. She married a chef, not a biker. We are delighted with their marriage, and I'll tell you a little secret...Shhh...she's just exactly what I ordered.

I was honored to make some of her wedding jewelry--hers and her attendants. She wanted sea horses. Sea horses it was...for her necklace, attendants necklaces, bracelets for friends and family, and seahorse cufflinks for the guys.

And in other news...

The lovely Melissa Caughey of the blog Tilly's Nest is hosting a GIVEAWAY of one of my necklaces. 
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Roosters CROW hens deliver charm necklace with rough citrine chunk and river pearl

XO to all!

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