Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Candy

All of my custom orders are done so I'm making candy all day today. In my old age I've learned to be more moderate, of course except when I am completely out of control. It happens. With much less frequency now. Which leads me to bring up our greedy little culture... My daughter Chris and I discuss the lack of "special" in our society, you know--even children have seen it all, and done it all, and have it all by the time they are nine or so.

(By the way, they will not play in this. They would rather have their own boards, nails, saw and hammer to make things up over and over again. It's the process not the product. When you give them these things you have inadvertently robbed them of their chance to imagine.)


I decided that I too was guilty of overindulgence. So I've cut back on frivolous spending and minimized my poor eating habits. I drink a heavily-loaded protein powder shake each morning, have a healthy snack in afternoon, and a reasonable dinner. But...on special occasions my rule is I can go nuts. And this does make the indulging in special foods, well, special! Really - if we immerse ourselves in these pleasurable things each and every day, they cease to bring delight. Perhaps they are just more like an addiction...

But today? The start of the New Year's weekend - so more toffee, and Heather's incredible peppermint bark. I eschewed peppermint bark for many years because I thought it was just that fake white chocolate and peppermint. Oh, but there is the good stuff. Better than you can imagine. Her bark is painfully delicious; I shall make today and if mine turns out I'll post recipe.

Returning to special, I hope you are reading several good blogs. One is my daughter, Christina's blog: Thinking Out Loud. (I came up with that name by the way - what would she do without me?) Some time ago, ahem, (Have you been writing much Miss?), she wrote a piece called "Killing Special." It appeared in several magazines. Could not find on her blog--why is that Chrissy dear?

Take a look, it's good.  Here's the link:Killing Special by Christina Sanantonio

Finally, I keep forgetting to post any jewelry work. I am making jewelry continuously! Here are two recent custom pieces in fine silver. (Pure silver!)

You need a custom piece. You deserve it. Indulge! heh heh

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