Monday, August 8, 2011

What a Nice Surprise!

After my last post about experiment with copper etching, I received an email from the editor of Beads & Button magazine asking if I would like the resulting etched pendant necklace, (in previous post), to be featured in a special edition of the magazine in November. Are you kidding? Who would say, "Well no...I don't really want the FREE publicity!!" I'm honored thrilled to be invited and can't wait till the issue comes out.

That necklace, by the way was a sample that I was trying out before I used silver or bronze clay with the copper plate. Seems they liked the polymer clay one, and that is just fine with me!

The magazine will feature my selling info and all my websites. It will be very interesting to see if my views go up. Sales going up would be a very nice thing too! Wish me luck!

AND FINALLY--Heather modeling some earrings today for the Etsy shop. Thanks dear Heather!

p.s.  Ask me about jewelry parties, wholesale and consignment. Email me for details.


PoetessWug said...

Congratulations on the feature in Beads & Button magazine! How exciting!! :-] And Heather is showing off your earrings beautifully. Nice work!

Cody said...

Thanks so much, I am excited! Heather IS a great model, and so nice to offer her time.

Amy Kuhl Cox said...

Congratulations on the magazine! AWESOME!!!