Saturday, August 27, 2011

Steve Martin and I

I've had a sleep disorder since I was very young, and have not slept without sleep aids for thirty odd, and I mean odd, years. My physicians have prescribed Ambien since the day it became available, and I've taken it since. But over the last few years I've started doing some pretty weird things in the night. I will
let my friend Steve explain the type of thing I mean:   (CLICK ON Steve.)

Steve Martin Video

When I heard Steve Martin talk about this poker thing I could completely relate. My night time forays and adventures did not begin until after several years of taking this prescription, and as far as I know perhaps people who just use it occasionally don't have these experiences. But I am relieved that the pharmaceutical company has added their little message about "...doing things with no memory of the event," to their little commercials. Because for a while I thought I was going batty.

With me it began with what my friends and family now refer to as Ambien dialing. I do realize that just as I am starting to feel the first effects of the drug I get sentimental and loving toward everyone I care about. So apparently I call them up and wax poetic - or speak in tongues. (Joking!) I've had long conversations with people I love and don't remember a thing till I see how many sent calls or texts I find on the phone the next morning. Sometimes the texts are completely unreadable. I delete them quickly and sheepishly. Next I moved on to eating. My husband is often up late and has said that he would hear me walking about the house, and sometimes I would answer him in a perfectly normal voice when questioned. But sometimes he noted that I would just walk past him happily stuffing potato chips into my mouth. He would stand in the bedroom door and say, "Hey whatcha' doing?" I wouldn't answer and he grinned about the crunching emanating from the darkness. But that's nothing...I have cooked full meals, and awoke one morning to find beautiful crystal glasses in the refrigerator filled with homemade chocolate ganache! One of my favorites, however, was the morning I walked into the bathroom and found a cocktail shaker sitting on the tile shelf. I puzzled over it and went down to the kitchen where I found a cutting board with nicely cut limes, Worcestershire Sauce, Louisana Hot Sauce, sea salt (Himalayan), vodka, and tomato juice. It seems I had made myself a lovely Bloody Mary in the night. And these are just a few of the things I've done--I hate to guess about the things I don't remember!

So...two points to this post:  (1)Be careful if you take these crazy pills and (2) TA-DAH!

A GIVE AWAY GAME for followers of this blog. 
The winner of the game will receive FREE PEARL EARRINGS.
(And for playing such a ridiculous game, you may choose copper, silver or bronze settings!)

(Trust me - this post will begin to make sense in a minute, so bear with me.)

A time ago I was going through my daily routine and got around to checking my blog for comments, new visitors, etc. As the blog opened I realized that there was a brand new post, looked it over, checked posting time, and sure enough I had posted it in the middle of the night. SO...somewhere in the above postings is a TOTAL AMBIEN SLEEPWALK POST.

Here's the game...The person who follows the rules below and then correctly identifies the post I created while in an Ambien daze-- at the designated time and day...not before...will receive a beautiful pair of pearl earrings absolutely free.

How to play: 1--You must Follow this blog. (Follow link at top upper left corner...)

                      2--Next go to my Etsy shop and click "Add shop to favorites."

                      3--On Saturday a week from today, 9/3/11 at 12:00 noon and not a minute before (or you will be disqualified), post a comment stating: (A)How much money did Steve Martin win playing internet poker on Ambien and (B)State the complete TITLE and DATE of the post that you think I wrote while in an unconscious state. Which one is the AMBIEN POST???  


Amy Eades said...

I'm looking for a link to Steve Martin's Ambien story, which I saw many years ago. Is it here somewhere? Fun game!

Cody said...

O.K. Amy the word Steve is linked. I'll link his photo as well. Happy playing!

Amy Eades said...

Ok, here goes:

A)Steve Martin won $1000 playing internet poker under the influence of Ambien.

B)Not at all sure about this one:

The Ambien blog post is:

"Grain elevators" Sunday, July 24, 2011

Marie said...

I hope I'm not too late!

Blog followed, shop favourited, Steve martin won $1000, and... I'm going to guess "What a Nice Surprise". Just because - judging by the time stamp - it seems like it might have been written relatively close to bedtime. :P Although I suppose it could also have been "Grain Elevators"... this is a challenging giveaway!

(This is Pillowsophi from the Follow Me team, by the way.)

Cody said...

Hi Mim, I am having trouble posting to your blog. Here's my guess. TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2011, Obdurate People & Steve won $1000.00 gambling on Ambien. Beautiful jewelry and photos on your blogspot.

Cody said...

WE HAVE A WINNER! It's Marie and she's right on the money. Now she gets to choose the silver color, copper or bronze and I will mail out her lovely pearl earrings.

I have zero recollection of making the post "Nice Surprise." The sentences are a bit different than my usual writing...

Marie is right--this was a challenging giveaway. Next one will be sooooo easy.

I said game would stop at first right response so all done. You guys were great to play with me!


Amy Kuhl Cox said...

Oops, I missed my shot to guess. Well, I am following you and have favorited you. :) You can follow me too at: :) I'm gonna have to go and check out this Ambien post. Fun giveaway idea!

Marie said...

Wow - I can't believe I won!! I'm so thrilled! I'd like to go with the bronze caps, please.

The earrings are so pretty... I'm very excited. My weekend has officially been made. :D

Thank you so much, Cody!